Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Health Science & Technology I
Blizzard Bag II

Career Questions

In your career search you identified requirements of various careers including income, education, job outlook, and specific skills pertinent to the career.  To understand further what exactly is needed, below are some specific questions designed to help you better understand what is necesary for specific careers, and understand terms associated educations.  Answer the questions, and be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow.

1.  Explain the differences and similarities between secondary and post-secondary health care education?

2.  For each of the post-secondary degrees listed, state how many years of education are required to obtain the degree.  For each degree, give three examples of specific health care careers that require the degree for entry level workers.

      a.  Associate's degree
      b.  Bachelor's degree
      c.  Masters degree
      d.  Doctorate

3.  Diferentiate between certification, registration, and licensure.

4.  What are CEU's?  Why are they required in many health care careers?

5.  What is an entrepreneur?  Identify five examples of health care careers that may  be an entrepreneur.

6.  Choose one health care career in which you have an interest.  Use references or search the internet to list ten specific tasks performed by personnel in the career.

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