Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HST II   Blizzard Bag II

Answer the following:

     1.   What is advocacy?

     2.    What do the following groups advocate?

              -   Salvation Army
              -   Humane Society
              -   Autism Speaks
              -   National Guard
              -   HOSA

     3. Does it help to be able to advocate for yourself?

     4. Is healthcare advocacy different than advocacy for other groups. If so, How?

     5. Have you every advocated for something or someone? If so, write an essay about

          what you did, and the impact it had. If not then do 6.

      6. Mrs Guild is an 89 year old woman who is legally blind, and cannot speak. You know from her

          non-verbal behavior that she is well aware of what is going on around her. Every time you work with

          her you can tell that she does not like the food she is receiving. Name at least three ways that you can

          advocate for her, and then specifically discuss how you would go about it.

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