Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HST II Case Study

Health Science & Technology II (Senior class)

Please read the following case study, and answer the questions to follow:

Mrs. X was found lying on her living floor at 1600 hours, on January 10th, by a neighbor who had been trying to call her all day.  The neighbor could see a person lying on the floor from looking in the living room window and called 911, but could not enter the house, due to the doors being locked.

When EMS entered the house, one of the workers noticed an odd smell.  Mrs. X was semi-conscious, but unable to answer questions.
Her vital signs were:  94-98-12  100/50.  Her O2 Sat: 95% on RA.
Her lungs were clear, abdomen soft, skin cool, dry, pale.  She had a german shephard who was unaffected.

She was placed in the ambulance and hooked up to a heart monitor, which showed a rapid but normal heart rhythm.

The outside temperature on January 10th was  -10 degree Farenheit.
The neighbor, states that Mrs. X. lives alone, has a mental disability, and lives on medicare/medicaid.

1.  What environmental factors could be contributing to her condition?

2.  Mrs. X has no known medical history, and recently had her  Keppra, and Ativan (look them up) renewed by her primary care physician.  She is not under psychiatric care.  What medication factors could be contributing to her condition?  What types of drugs are these?

3.  Upon arriving at the hospital, Mrs. X has received 500mls of NaCl solution, through a R AC IV.  Her consciousness is unchanged, however her vital signs are now:  96-80-14 110/60.  O2 Sat: 95% on RA.
Given the little information you have what can you surmise about her condition? (is she improving or worsening)  What is a possible diagnosis at this point?  What data can you use to back up your diagnosis?

4.  When you give report to the hospital staff what are you going to report?

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